Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simple Gifts

You've probably seen these flower-topped pens before.  They make such great little gifts: 
  • party favor
  • stocking stuffer
  • birthday present
  • hostess gift (along with notecards, perhaps)
  • teacher treat
  • etc.
My niece (and goddaughter) made one for me several years ago.  Amazingly, it still has ink!  And it's still my favorite pen, easy to find and difficult to "borrow."  ;-)

Marianna and Rebecca created daisy pens at Christmas for friends and family, and recently decorated a few more for the birthdays of teammates and fellow club members.  The process is simple: 
  1. Cut artificial flowers so the stems are almost the length of the pen (we usually pick up random pens already in the house).
  2. Hold the stem against the pen and start winding it up with florist tape.  Pull slightly on the tape to make it stick to itself better.
  3. We wind the tape from top to bottom, then back up to the top before securing the end with a dab of glue.
Quick, easy, adorable, and practical--who could ask for anything more?


Elizabeth said...

I saw this shared on another blog, but just wanted to can make an adorable pen holder for flower pens by filling a small flower pot with coffee beans. It looks great and smells wonderful!

Melissa G said...

What a great idea for end of the year teacher/coach gifts! Thanks!