Thursday, May 5, 2011

Salamander Rock

My first visit to the ancient gathering place . . .
Can you see why the kids named it Salamander Rock?  It's a side view of a head--slightly open mouth, nostril near the top.
Hisss!  I don't care if you're trying to find the best angle of that stone--get away from my nest!
Our picnic

 The view from our picnic on the salamander's head
An unwelcome visitor 
 Rebecca crossed carefully through the icy water rather than make a second journey over the scary log.
I don't get it--looks plenty wide to me!  To each her own, I guess . . .

 Dan taught Becca to skip stones.  (She managed a few.)

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Frau Nelson said...

Looks like fun! How are Dan's allergies this season?