Monday, May 9, 2011

Not Fast Enough

Inspired by the enthusiasm of a novice knitter, I jumped aboard the Chloe train. 

By the time Rebecca and I bought our yarn (supposedly anti-pilling acrylic--we find wool to be itchy), I had less than a week until the targeted Easter Vigil first wearing.  Commenters on the pattern over and over remarked at what a quick knit it is.

Not quick enough for me . . .
I could have managed it, but didn't.  I frittered away kniting time with basics like cooking and driving, as well as just not picking up my needles every time there were some minutes to spare.
So there I sat, in the car, at the Vigil.  I let my family choose seats in church while I finished sewing up the second sleeve.  Then they came outside for the lighting of the sacred fire.  I was threading live stitches onto pink yarn so Becca could put the almost done (first ruffle row completed) garment on, at least.  I hopped out in time to reenter with candles for Mass, the Chloe still in the car.  It's a toss up as to which of us was closer to tears.

Oh, well.  It was ready by morning, and Rebecca wore her new half-sweater to our family Easter celebration.  Alleluia!
The button buying expedition was a fun mother-daughter event. 

On the other hand, picking out the yarn was decidedly stressful.  We both thought green would look nice with the dresses she would wear, but Becca liked the currently fashionable, too-yellow shades that don't match the dresses (we had brought 2 along).  We checked blues and white and were finally down to pink.  I didn't care for the shade she chose (whose shrug is it, anyway?), but noticed the rest of the skeins in the bin were a bit less bubble-gummy.  Instead of just picking them up (we needed 2), I mentioned the difference and we proceeded straight to meltdown.  Apparently the lighter yarn was "itchy."  These skeins were exactly the same, except for the dyelots.  Yikes!

All's well that ends well, and Rebecca and I are both smiling now.  Hopefully we've learned some lessons?  At least I, as the grownup, may have matured a little bit.  Time will tell!


Frau Nelson said...

It looks great, wonderful job!

Elizabeth Foss said...

Very pretty1