Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pi Pics

Because you asked (okay, not really), here are some Pi Day results:
The flavor of Joe's brown sugar chess pie reminded me of pecan pie filling without being as sweet.  The texture was different, too--not gooey, but semi-solid.  It was thickened with corn flour (very fine), which added a subtle graininess.  Joseph loved this dessert.  Although fine for what it was, it's not making my favorites list . . .
Aren't the cherry pies adorable?  Rebecca rolled and shaped two of the crusts.
I had some extra filling so I made a mini cobbler, too.  That was easy since I keep homemade biscuit mix on hand.  I added a little cornmeal and sugar, then buttermilk to make a loose dough/batter.  Sprinkled it with coarse sugar, and voila!  "Winging it" while baking isn't usually a recipe for success, so it was fun to play.  The photo is from before baking; the after shot was too fuzzy even by my standards!
And since you're here already, enjoy a shot (pre-baked) of the cheddar/green onion (with a tiny bit of parsley) biscuits from Sunday's supper.  Again with the biscuit mix . . . just added  sharp cheddar, etc. and then buttermilk until it was the right consistency.  Easy!
BTW, I use this recipe inspired by Leila, mostly for biscuits and pancakes.  My changes:  6 cups white, 5 cups white whole wheat flour, 1 1/2 tsp (vs. Tbsp) salt, 6 Tbsp (vs. 1) sugar.  For pancakes I use 1 egg per cup of mix (vs. 1 egg per 2 cups).

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