Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quick Knit

Having done a crummy job filling our Christmas stockings, I tried hard to make this year's Valentine's Day treats special.  I baked our now traditional giant, heart shaped linzer cookies, and spent a month or two dreaming up and acquiring "sursies."

When Adam joined us at the March for Life, he wore a hat I had knitted for Joe years ago.  That gave me the idea of making one for his very own.  I couldn't find my previous pattern, so I located something similar online, bought yarn, and started knitting.

Fortunately it was a quick project--by the time my supplies were gathered, I had only a few days to finish.  Here it is (modeled by Joseph), in Notre Dame colors:

The hat isn't perfect.  It's too big, for one thing.  I hear Adam was able to wear it OVER another hat (maybe a good thing in a South Bend winter)!  The top is also sort of weirdly flat, but that's okay, too.

It was fun to knit something so simple.  I could pick it up anytime, watch Netflix, hold a conversation, etc.  It was also portable, unlike the cabled lap blanket that's my on-again, off-again project.  I'm considering creating more hats and felted potholders soon.  They're not necessarily impressive, but I so enjoyed having a short-term, portable craft in the works.

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