Friday, February 11, 2011

My Sister is Awesome!

I'm a good family cook.
So is she.
I bake.
So does she.
I detest sewing.
She doesn't.

Look, look, look what she made for me:
They're called cozies and are filled with feed corn (My 'ster bought herself a 50# bag!).  Microwave them for three minutes and enjoy long term heat.  We (I sometimes share . . .) have enjoyed their soothing warmth on laps, sore legs and backs, and (best of all) under the covers at our toes.  Aaaah . . .

Okay, those fabric squares may look simple to you, but I'm telling you they're too much project for me.  Luckily I have a generous sister who's not afraid to thread her sewing machine.  Thanks, girl!


Compass Points Road Trip said...

You made me so happy to see that you are enjoying them! And keep in mind that you're better at a lot of other things than I am... :) Love you!

Frau Nelson said...

Can't we all live within a mile of each other?