Friday, February 25, 2011


By guess who?
Last night Len tossed bits of popcorn to Dusty and Lucca.  Lucca doesn't actually eat the stuff, but she eagerly grabbed her prizes and ran off with them.  I laughingly remarked that she was probably taking them down to the basement, as I've noticed bits of plastic wrap and shredded napkin down there lately.

Ha ha.

Tonight I needed to clean up a mess of mine, and this is what I found in the basement bathroom as I plugged in the vacuum!  Quite the stash, huh?  Plastic wrap and napkins, of course, but also the bag from 5# of carrots and chicken packaging.  What a cat!
And, no, Mom, this is not the Lucca story I promised you this morning.  Yes, there's more . . .

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Mom/Mimi said...

What a kitty. It is funny that her instincts to hoard are still present after a wonderful 2 plus months of life at your house with ample food and attention.
Is she still small? I wonder if she will always be small like Emma was.
Love to you all from thawing Snow and Ice Land.