Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow Slam

The roads were a bit icy Wednesday morning, but as the day warmed up, all was fine.  Our predicted snowfall began in the late afternoon--just in time for rush hour.

It came down thick-n-quick, blown sideways in the wind.  Commuters clogged the roads before the plows could clear them, so conditions deteriorated almost immediately.  Nearly every ramp was blocked by immobilized cars or trucks, and vehicles were abandoned, making plowing and driving more and more difficult as time ticked by.

In a typical story of this storm, it took Len seven hours (seven!) to make the usually 35 minute drive home.  It took our neighbor six hours to make his 15 minute commute!

Our power was out for several hours, but we can't complain.  It came back before the house froze and the freezers thawed.  I mean, we were still in the "scones and tea by candlelight" phase. ;-)  Less fortunate souls in the metro area lost power for days.

Since then, it's been winter fun-time.  Here are some pictures from Thursday:

These two shots show the effects of the wind:  snow concentrated on one side of the trees.  In fact, I'm not used to seeing snow all down the trunk . . .

This was heavy snow.  Many trees are down in the neighborhood, including this one that fell from the woods onto a fence.  As of today, plenty of heavily damaged front yard specimens have already been cut down and carted away.
 Lauren and I went walking under a brilliant sky.
 A typical Lauren pose!
The ice at the pond looked so strange.  Do you see the color variation/pattern?  I haven't yet tried to find out what caused it.  It hasn't actually been super-cold, either; the water under the dock didn't freeze.
 Marianna and her friend built a snowgirl.
Happy Winter! 

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