Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's News

The call came soon after midnight.

On his knee in Central Park, Adam proposed and Lauren accepted.  Just like that, they're engaged!

We don't have many details yet:
  • The ring is beautiful, with a diamond and two sapphires (their birthstone) set in white gold.
  • A summer 2012 wedding is planned.
  • Some of their friends knew what was coming, so photos were taken.
  • Lauren and Adam are happy, happy, happy, and so are we.  If we didn't think he was a great guy, he wouldn't have been invited to attend our last two family reunion/vacations.

fireworks in the court


Mary said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a wonderful way to begin the New Year! Best Wishes to Lauren and Adam and to you and Len for raising such a wonderful daughter. I can only imagine your excitement.

Anne said...

Ditto on what Mary said! We are so happy for Lauren and Adam (and all of you!). Looking forward to more pictures when you get them!