Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Me and My House

A mini update:
  • Len is in Leesburg nearly every day, preparing for the transition to the new clinic.  This weekend he'll supervise pre-moving of shelves, basement storage, etc.
  • Lauren is engaged.  Her cat is insane (now eating and vomiting plastic bags--yay!).
  • David is back at SMCM, starting his 2nd semester classes today.  Haven't heard yet how it's going, but I did get his teapot to the post office today.
  • Daniel had the day off due to icy roads.  He slept in, watched a movie, and kept the homeschoolers company.
  • Joseph is annoying, but last night my sister-in-law said he's annoying in just the same way her brother was.  My darling husband turned out better than fine, so there is hope for Joe yet!
  • Marianna has had two productive school days in a row.  Her secret?  Mom finally filled out a detailed checklist!  Shocking news:  a written plan helps some people stay on task.  Who knew?  (Okay, I did.  I tried to deny the truth and just slide by, but this ways works so much better . . .)
  • Rebecca can't decide whether she's a big girl (excellent reader, focused student) or a toddler ("Warm up my clothes," "Stand next to me while I practice the piano," etc.).  It's an interesting stage.
  • Speaking of vacillation, I run the gamut myself:  weight lifting then eating extra cookies, waking at 5:30 then zoning on the couch later, planning meals but nearly running out of produce b/c I don't make it to the store, praying a daily rosary but slacking off on the Bible reading . . .
What's new with you, my friends?

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Mary Chris said...

If it is any comfort, we are finding Carter rather annoying since he turned 13.