Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Roman Moment

It was our third day in Rome.  We had been to the Pantheon,
Piazza Navona and its fountain,
the fountain of Trevi,
and two basilicas:  St. John Lateran
and St. Mary Major, as well as the church that houses the original image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. 
(This is a mosaic outside; the painting is inside.)

As darkness approached, Len and I prepared to make our way across town to our bed and breakfast.

Footsore and weary, we planned our route--three separate buses were required. 

Bus stop #1:  We find the correct place to stand, but the electronic info board shows a 12 minute wait for our vehicle.  We decide to walk on to our connection.

Bus stop #2:  We can take the #46 or #60.  Okay.  Here comes a #60 Express--what about that?  Doors open before we can decide, but it doesn't matter.  This bus is JAMMED, and no one gets off.  Oh, well.

Check the sign.  Yes, the express will work.  We'll be ready for the next one!

Waiting.  Waiting.

Now what?  Down the hill, there are blue police lights blocking the street.  What's going on?  I didn't hear the crash of an accident.  Maybe a pedestrian was hit.  Look at all those cars and buses (buses!) completely blocked down there.  We are far from our destination.  How long is this going to take now?

Okay, wait a minute.  There is no traffic from the side street above the lights, either.  I wonder . . .  Can it be?  He was at the Spanish Steps today . . .

Oh, my goodness!  Here comes a hoard of motorcycles from the side street!  We're being motioned to stay on the sidewalk.  It must be!  Yes!  Here he comes in that glass topped car!

And just like that, Pope Benedict XVI rode right past us as we stood on the curb amidst no crowd (unless you count his extensive entourage).

Len cared more about watching than filming, which is why the pope leaves the frame for a few moments.  It was a great decision--I'm a bit sorry I've only seen Lauren receiving her high school diploma on the small screen.