Friday, November 19, 2010

The Dollhouse

I had misgivings about spending money on (and making space for) a dollhouse for a six-year old.  Would she outgrow it too soon to be "worth it?"  With my older children, this was never a concern; younger siblings kept coming along to get more use out of toys, clothes, and homeschooling supplies.  I could convince myself that almost anything was an investment.

But Rebecca REALLY wanted a dollhouse.  And she's always been good at occupying herself and at imaginative play. 

I found a house with lots of accessories on Craigslist, reducing the time needed to accumulate furnishings.  In fact, there are so many pieces that they've been divvied up as gifts from four different groups!  That, plus some extras from party guests, has given Becca quite a jump-start. 
So here's Rebecca with the dollhouse that has "changed her life."  She has plenty of furnishings (not all seen here), but is already supplementing.  Just now she's adjusting a movie screen made of colored tissue paper.  Mom is riding her horse to the theater today.

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Lona said...

This is very sweet! I have to say I miss the wooden doll houses of my childhood. I think our little girls would love them too. Your blog is a delight. Tho. I chose to be EO I do appreciate what conservative RCs like yourself are doing.