Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Road Trippers

SMCM offered two "reading days" over Columbus Day, creating a four day weekend.  David and three friends visited all their families; we enjoyed their company over parts of Monday and Tuesday. 

They really are a great bunch--intelligent but not pretentious, tolerant of the attention of little girls ;-), and willing to hang out (instead of going out).  I was happy to catch a glimpse of David within his chosen crowd, although some more focused time with just our family would have been welcome, too.  I guess that's what Christmas break is for!

So this past weekend the group traveled to Winchenster to attend a friend's play.  Since we are on the way back to school, David et al stopped by for lunch on Sunday.  He alerted me to that possibility the night before, so I was able to prepare a bit, just in case.  We were all glad to host the group, and David enjoyed surprising his siblings.

Hey you guys, come back any time!

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Patrick Inverness said...

Actually, we are fairly pretentious, except for Yna; she's just adorable.