Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Blue Ridge Getaway

Len's been working hard on the building project and Daniel had a few days off school, so on Thursday we drove to the Blue Ridge Mountains for some relaxing family time.

The journey itself was lovely.
Yes, we've got another driver in training!
Here's where we ate lunch before our hike.
You know you're truly in the wilderness when . . . you find a pay phone?  Well, the cell coverage was quite poor.
Crabtree Falls is purportedly the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi.  We still don't know whether that refers to elevation or length of the cascade.
It did go on and on . . .
 The trail switched back and forth multiple times on our way to the top.
A view of the valley and beyond
The trail was beautiful, if a bit treacherous (especially on the way back down), with damp leaves covering the rocks.
The view from above the falls is so much better in real life.
Here's the cabin Len found online.  Isn't it adorable?  The main level held a family/dining room, kitchen, and bathroom.  Upstairs we shared a bedroom and tiny loft.
The cabin was fairly dark inside, but the kitchen and bathroom were add-ons with huge windows and tons of light.  Note the hot tub on the patio!
More tomorrow . . .

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