Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grateful Mom

I'm glad to be my children's mother.   I don't always remember that gladness, but if I stop to think, even on the crazy (or cranky) days, I know that God has called me to this vocation and that it is Good.

My children have many ways of showing their love for me.  There are pictures and notes,
and special handmade gifts.
Then there are the "you know me so well" store bought presents.  :-)
Gifts of service are always appreciated.
(Laundry sorted without fussing.)
Someone organized this gift certificate for lunch out with a friend.
Of course I can't take pictures of the best examples of my children's generosity--their gentleness, cooperation, and helpfulness.  And when I'm in go-go-go drill sergeant mode, I don't see them, either.  When I am quiet and gentle, the kids are, too.

I was reflecting today that when I am weak, my babies are strong.  It's when I'm sick or tired or sad that they're most likely to pull together.  I know they care and I am grateful.

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