Friday, October 22, 2010

By the River

After Mass on Sunday, all seven of us (that means Dusty, too) drove just over the line (to MD) to the Potomac River Festival, near the C&O Canal.  With only a short time before our next events (We took 2 cars!)--school open house, grandparent visit, spice shop, vaccination of a friend's puppy--we managed to squeeze in some nature appreciation time.
 Okay, maybe the organized bug walk didn't inspire the girls.
 So we bailed and had fun our own way.
 Hey!  There's some more nature to appreciate!
 An unnamed child ("Don't tell who it was on your blog!") was peed on by a caterpillar.
 Daniel's oversized find:
 Here's looking at you, kid.
Okay, maybe I am a little punchy.  :-)

I wish I had taken more pictures.  The weather was gorgeous and it was refreshing to share the time together before we ran our separate ways.

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