Friday, September 3, 2010

She's Arrived!

We skyped Lauren around dinner time, midnight or so in Rome. It was fantastic to see her and her tiny room, watch her twirl her hair, etc. :-)

She made it through one of the most worrisome (for Mom) parts of her journey, getting from the train station to the hotel alone in the dark in a neighborhood that her guide book did not recommend. Whew!

Along the way, Lauren has had several travel adventures already, including repacking her bags AT THE CHECK-IN COUNTER, carrying on a 3rd item (her photo paper had to be re-explained multiple times), and exchanging her money (no, it shouldn't have been an adventure, but there you go...).

In the morning Lauren will take another train, then a taxi, then her feet (up the mile and a half driveway) to the villa that will be the base of operations for about a month. Thanks for your prayers and good wishes. We appreciate both--keep them coming!


Mom/Mimi said...

So happy to know that you were able to skype Lauren. I'm glad that I didn't know about the neighborhood of the hotel not being "recommended".
I wonder why the photographic paper was such a problem.
Thank you for letting us know promptly and please let us know when she arrives at the villa.
We still don't have Skype yet but I hope to have it soon.

Frau Nelson said...