Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Farm Market Supper

I brought the children to a local farmers' market yesterday. It's not-quite-local-enough for me (20ish minutes: Can you say "lazy?"), so I'd never been. When my friend told me about the fabulous peaches she found there last week, I knew I had to make the effort. I don't buy peaches from far away. If they're refrigerated before fully ripening, they end up mealy and therefore inedible. Local fruit was mighty tempting . . .
The little girls ran around the comprehensive playground (Who builds merry-go-rounds anymore?) while Lauren, Joe, and I perused the produce. We bought cantaloupes and corn and tomatoes and three fancy breads and half a bushel of peaches!By then I was too tired to take artistic photos. Oh, well.
The market inspired a real summer supper. We enjoyed this tomato casserole (recipe link sent by my sister):Let me tell you, it is fabulous! I used 3 cups of bread, as suggested. The 1 cup Parmesan seemed like too much, so I probably only sprinkled on 2/3 cup. Next time (You'd better believe there will be a next time!) I will top it with the full amount.The Smitten Kitchen suggests topping leftovers with a poached egg. Our tiny bit of leftovers became part of the birthday girl's breakfast in bed today:The toasted focaccia is from the market, too. Cream and sugar were served in egg cups--cute, but not so neat for pouring! (No, the egg is fried...)Peach pie for dessert! Extremely tasty AND extremely messy. I followed Elizabeth's idea of making a peach version of my summer blueberry pie, but it didn't firm up. I'm not sure if it didn't chill long enough or if the cut fruit (blueberries stay in their skin, after all) kept the cornstarch from working its magic.
Anyway, we served it in bowls and ate it with delight.
Another day with no school planning accomplished, but I don't care yet!

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