Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fireworks Shirts

We spent several glorious days at the beach last week, although Lauren and David stayed home to work (selling fireworks and repairing bikes). The weather was fabulous, the company was grand (cousins, siblings, aunt and uncle), and we enjoyed sand, water, and ice cream. Refreshing!

Inspired by JoAnn (via Elizabeth), I brought supplies for decorating t-shirts. Marianna remembered the project on our last evening. I'm glad I was urged out of my chair, because this ended up being a lot of fun!
I made stamps from pipecleaners, and we used fabric paint to create the firework designs. We had red, white, blue, and silver glitter paint. I'll try to get around to taking a picture of a dry shirt--the glitter looks so much better now.
Len had to work Monday, so we drove home Sunday in time to watch our local display. God bless America!

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Mom/Mimi said...

What fun!! It sort of reminds me of the tie-dyed shirt project you organized for our first trip to Saranac Lake - also a lot of fun. Under the category of "how about that", I was wearing my shirt yesterday" How about that!
PS Can hardly wait to see you all on Sunday for another wonderful week at Saranac Lake.