Monday, June 28, 2010

A Berry Good Time

While on my doggie walk this muggy morning, I discovered that the raspberries have ripened. When I got home I invited Marianna and Rebecca to join me on a picking expedition. Still in pj's, they hopped on their bikes (Becca shares a trail-gator with me) and rode to the berry patch in the woods.

It was early enough to feel like a bit of an adventure, and the pickings were great. :-) We doled out treats for everyone.

Our morning jaunt reminded me of the "pajama rides" we took back when there were just a few young children in our family. Inspired by an article in Family Fun magazine, we'd try things like picking out our Christmas tree while the kids wore boots and pj's (and carried a thermos of hot chocolate).

Even though we kept having young children, the bigger ones got too old to enjoy appearing in public wearing pajamas, and the rides petered out. This morning was a treat for me. (A hot, sticky, sweaty, treat--no pictures were taken of the leader of this expedition!)

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