Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Family Hike

Yesterday our family went hiking along Jeremy's Run Trail in Shenandoah National Park. The creek starts out small near the top, growing as we trekked down.We made our first crossings carefully, keeeping our feet dry. As the creek deepened and the temperature climbed, we began wading across and stopping to play in the good spots.Although the woods haven't leafed out much at this elevation (see above), we did observe spring flora, mostly wildflowers.
Animal life abounded as well.
centipedecrayfish?? looks like some kind of water-stick buggarter snake (David picked up another one. Rebecca poked this one until it slid under cover.)
We also saw tiny fish. There were some butterflies (moths?) that fluttered quite low to the ground. Their open wings were just the color of the lavender wild flowers. Closed, they looked like the grey stones and bark.
Most of our water play was on the walk back up (we had scouted out the best places by then). Becca roped some helpers into building a wall with her, although it didn't do much to hold back the water.
It was a hot, slow (I'd say about the pace of a five year old...) walk back to the parking lot and the beginning of the end of a satisfying day. We missed you, Lauren!
(Photo credits: Len)

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