Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Baskets

When I was growing up, each child had her own Easter basket filled with candy, and we hunted for dyed, hard-boiled eggs. My children (with their local cousins) hunt for plastic eggs filled with candy (20 each) and share a family basket.

The contents of the family basket vary each year. Once everyone received a picture/story book. I usually include candy that's not wrapped or doesn't fit in a plastic egg--jelly beans, malted milk eggs, Peeps, etc.

Last year I set up a mini-hunt for a big gift: each child received a plastic egg with a clue that let to another egg. Inside each of those was a piece of the map that led to the treasure: a Wii. It had not been apparent that we would ever get one, so the surprise/delight factor was quite high. ;-)

This year's basket was more low key, with a few sweets and smaller gifts: a dvd of the gospel of Mark, and two games. Just like last week, I spent too much time decorating cookies, but it was fun.And then there was the less elaborate creation for Mr. "No-thanks-I'd-rather-have-mine-without-icing":Sometimes less is more, you know?


Anne said...

Any comments on the games you purchased? I have not heard of either one and wondered how everyone liked them.... Care to share?

Happy Easter!!!

Barbara said...

We've had the regular version of Fluxx for many years. It's a lot of fun! The family version has color pictures, some different features (parent bonus, etc.), and is somewhat simpler. I bought it to make it easier to get the youngest girls "trained", but it's fun for any of us to play with them.

When teaching a new person to play any version of Fluxx, it is important to go slowly enough to let the newbie read his cards. If you just tell the newbie what to do, she'll be confused and learning will be greatly delayed.

We've already played the treehouse game several times. It's part luck, part strategy. It's small and quick and good for a traveling game. Even though Fluxx and other card games don't take up much space in your purse, they spread out a bit during play, so there are times when only a game like the treehouse one is suitable. Playing it takes up very little room.

I've bought Looney Labs products online (especially when buying many at a discount), but sometimes I get them at a local game store for the same price (no shipping!). Call ahead!