Monday, April 26, 2010

Easily Amused

We watch practically no TV here. The Olympics were a big draw, but most of our (rationed) screen time is consumed in the form of computer time or movie viewing. Even the TV shows we do watch are seasons old and commercial free, courtesy of Netflix.

Our family has enjoyed a Netflix subscription for several years now, but sometimes we don't efficiently move the DVDs back and forth through the mail. Some movies are available to play instantly online, but sitting in the study watching on the computer doesn't feel like much of a date night. And it's not easy for a group to watch that way, either.

Enter Netflix's new feature: a free Wii disc. We pop it into the player and are then able to watch any instant movie ON THE TV! It's almost embarrassing how excited I am about this. (I will neither confirm nor deny reports of gleeful squealing.)

Now we're able to watch school movies (about the ocean, the Statue of Liberty, etc.) without being stuck in the study; in other words I can work in the kitchen AND watch. Date movies (the selection is not as wide as the DVDs) on a comfy couch are back. And I can (theoretically--who really has time?) watch something on TV while the main computer is in use.

Yes, I am easily amused.

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