Friday, February 5, 2010

Not So Efficient After All

So I decided to run some errands this morning before we get snowed in. I did some school, set the students to some "on their own" work, and headed out.

It took me two trips just to pack the car:
  • plate of toast (late breakfast)
  • cup of milk (as above)
  • bag of bags (environmentally conscious, don't ya know)
  • bag of library books (some due tomorrow, gotta get them there)
  • calendar/planner/lists
  • socks to return
  • new cd story
Notice the missing item? I didn't until I arrived at store #1: my purse! Ugh! Back home and back out . . .

After that unsettling start, my outing was reasonably successful. The best news is that I am now in possession of 5/7 of my Valentine gifts. And I went to the farther away stores, saving the right-around-the-corner ones for next week.

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