Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let it Snow!

Our snowstorm did arrive Friday and lasted through most of Saturday, depositing many inches:Dusty and I needed a walk Saturday morning. The roads were still deeply covered, so we floundered through knee-deep snow to the trail behind our house, which had been plowed late enough that the snow was "only" shin deep. Trees were bent over , touching the ground and covering the trail--we pushed through the branches. It was a workout, and so beautiful. Later in the day several big trees fell near our house. Apparently my morning walk was riskier than I knew!

I'd guess we've got twice as much snow as came down in December, but our street was plowed better and more quickly this time. There's a lot to pile up, though. Our mailbox is behind this mountain:
Here's a side view. Can you see the post behind and to the right of Rebecca?Len and the boys shoveled the driveway numerous times as the snow continued falling. It was also necessary to dig out through some of the plow's leftovers. See how far past the driveway it's piled up?We have a great birdfeeder. It's weight-sensitive; when a squirrel tries to eat, all the window covers are pulled down. On Saturday morning there was so much snow on top of the feeder that it closed. I noticed the birds fluttering around in frustration. I had just removed all my outergear, but was able to reach with a broom to make it usable again.Lots of happy customers!Public and private schools are cancelled again tomorrow (Monday). The streets and parking lots are in good shape, but I think some people are still trying to dig out. I saw some schoolbuses plowed into place, too.
I still need to organize some homeschooling, though. Our tradition is to do some work early (before friends are awake and calling), then go play. I considered bagging it on Friday, but thought, "What would Lauren say?" and kept working. My older children sometimes accuse me of going soft--no need to give them ammunition! :-)

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