Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Crafting

Looking back over the school year thus far, the themes of our Friday craft time are clear. We are nearly always working with clay (making creatures for the ocean box) or food.

With Lauren going back to Richmond this afternoon (sniff), it was time to fulfill my promise of making the peanut butter balls she's been craving. We mixed, rolled, chilled, and dipped.

Fun and tasty!

Notes: We used this recipe with very little tweaking.
  • The cereal was mixed in by hand (literally--a gloved hand was gentler than a spoon).
  • The balls should be chilled for more than the required hour before dipping. Ours flattened a bit today as we tapped off the excess chocolate, I think because they weren't cold enough.
  • We used chocolate chips (milk and semi-sweet) rather than chopping bars. All semi-sweet would probably be fine. Twelve ounces is about 2 cups.
  • The printed recipe lists a yield of 36 treats. They must be huge! With a #60 scoop, we made 85.
  • There has been melted chocolate left over both times I've made these. When there is excess, I usually coat cashews or peanuts with it, but they've never been popular. Instead, today I stirred in as much crispy rice cereal as possible and spread it on wax paper before chilling. I just offered samples, and am confident the rest will be easy to dispose of. ;-)
  • The cookies last in the fridge for ages without spoiling, but the cereal will lose its crispiness over time.

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