Friday, January 22, 2010

7 Quick Takes

I haven't had (made?) the time to read or write blogs lately, so here are some snippets of news:


We marched for life today.

Daniel rose before dawn to attend the youth Mass and rally. David hung out with some Christendom College friends. Lauren met her boyfriend, who rode a bus all the way from Notre Dame. The homeschoolers and I went to a dance/acrobatics show at the Kennedy Center. Then we marched.

The route these past two years is shorter than in the past, making for a start-up traffic jam. But the most striking aspect of the March to me is its youth. It seems to me that the overwhelming majority of participants are teens and young adults--hope for the future. Lauren looked online and told me the crowd is estimated at 300,000, the most ever. Who knows? The prayers and lives and work of the participants is more important than how many made it to DC.

What can you do to help pregnant women or struggling mothers?


Many good habits fell by the wayside between Thanksgiving and the New Year. I have fallen off the weightlifting bandwagon, for one thing. Time to get back to work!


My current shift in Joe's orchestra carpool is over until March. Hurrah! Added bonus: with the help of college and high school breaks, I had babysitters available for three weeks. No need to drag the little girls along on that 4 hour excursion. Double hurrah!


We haven't gotten it together yet, but I'm still intending to follow Anne's example of choosing a virtue for each family member to work on over the course of the year.


Recently updated: the recipe for beef barley soup.


Becca's mini pizza slid face down onto the family room carpet on Wednesday. In my effort to clean up the huge tomato sauce blob, I pulled out the carpet steamer, which I had never used before. (Yes, I know, I have a fabulous husband...)

With some phone training I managed to soak the rug but not slurp enough water back up. A more complete training workshop was held that evening (oh yes, it was lots of fun). More steaming followed on Thursday. Such filthy water! The furniture will probably move back tomorrow, when we are sure the carpet is dry, dry, dry.


It was sleeting lightly when we left home for the March this morning. The forecast was for temps in the low 30's, with a 50% chance of rain changing to a wintry mix. How pleasant! As it turned out, the precipitation ended and we enjoyed a cool, pleasant January day. Enduring rough elements can add to the sacrificial nature of the day, but I'm glad we didn't have to.

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