Thursday, December 3, 2009

Small Successes: Moving in the Right Direction


"It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that."

I feel like we're still in Thanksgiving trip recovery mode, but we are moving forward.
  1. I'm proudest of the clothing-sort. I have scaled the MOUNTAIN of Rebecca's hand-me-downs, sorted by size (too small, fits, save), selected outfits, and given away the remains. This was an even bigger job than you think. First of all, the clothes have been strewn about my room for several weeks. We half-sorted before the trip, so there were many piles. Becca is, um, particular about her clothing--it can't be too tight or too loose (imperceptible differences, I tell you!), no turtlenecks, must appeal to her sense of fashion, etc. The most dreaded excuse (because how can you answer it?) is, "It's ITCHY!" At last it's over. I took FOUR kitchen trash bags of clothing to the thrift shop today. And the final bonus: for the first time in her five year life, none of Becca's clothes reside in my room! Everything is in the closet and dresser she shares with Marianna. Rejoice with me!
  2. In a nod to trip recovery, I cancelled the Soup Night scheduled for yesterday. It sounds like a step back, but was truly the best decision for my sanity and the peace of my family. I had fewer second thoughts than expected.
  3. We cleaned out the fridge pretty well before our trip. Since our return, I've prepared four dinners and three days' worth of food without a trip to the grocery store. We were scraping the bottom of the (produce) barrel last night, but I was able to wait until Len's day off to go out for supplies.
How about you? What are the bright spots in your frantic life? Check out others' accomplishments here.

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Farmer's City Wife said...

#1 is actually quite amazing! That's hardly a small success :D.

Yay! I love bottom-of-the-produce-barrel dinners. I usually know it's time to go grocery shopping when I have to make dinner out of baby carrots, brown gravy mix and dill pickles :).