Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Nice to Have a Doctor in the House

My thumb hurt for a few days, and there was a speck visible under the skin, probably a splinter. I figured it would just work its way out, but the spot became more bothersome and a bump formed over it. Time for surgery.

Len got to work, with tools that quickly escalated from naked eye to flashlight with magnifying glass to the stereo microscope set at 20 X (another benefit of homeschooling!). When he finally dug out the uncooperative bit, it was longer than I had expected (maybe 1/4") and wider at the end, too. I just HAD to have a look under the handy 'scope.

Bumped up to 40 X, this thing looked like it had come from outer space! It was dark grey, and attached to it were minuscule pink globes. Weird!

A light finally dawned--it must be a thread from an SOS steel wool pad. I'm no super dishwasher, but I had used one in an attempt to remove labels from our Advent letters (like Elizabeth's here) before painting. (It didn't work, by the way; I finally succeeded with lighter fluid.)

So ends another excerpt in the continuing saga, "Yes, I'm Easily Amused." And, yes, my thumb feels much better, thank you.

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