Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Um, Yeah, Thanks a Lot

My neighbor friend surprised me with a candy sampler--artisan chocolates. I had already considered myself a chocolate snob; for one thing, I won't eat milk chocolate even if I'm hungry.

Now I'm ruined, possibly for life! These confections are so beautiful and so dark and so delicious that everything else is second (or third or...) best. As my friend said, "There's no going back!" So, yeah, thanks for raising the bar yet again.

At least now I know what to ask for on special occasions. ;-)


One positive aspect of food snobbery is the strengthening of my "just say no" ability. As I try to eat moderately (i.e. without gluttony), it's easier to avoid food that isn't "worth it", even though I do still need to make a conscious effort to be temperate.

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