Monday, November 16, 2009

Rainbows and Butterflies

Rebecca is feisty, but she can be girly, too. Last year's birthday theme was butterflies. This time Becca requested a rainbow cake. Here's what I came up with:A big thanks is owed to Len, my sous chef, for taking care of most of the decorating while I prepared a rather elaborate early dinner. He touched a round pan to the top of the cake to ensure a symmetrical rainbow, which is made of (semi-sweet, of course) m&m's. The flowers are tiny silk ones just stuck in through the coconut grass. Like the pot of gold?

Below is the picture taken by our favorite photography student:
Since this is not Becca's "party year" (we alternate), she invited a few friends over just for singing and cake. We ensure that folks won't bring presents by waiting until the day of to ask them over.
Another cake note: it's on a board covered with freezer paper (slick side up, taped underneath). It looks good, means I can use any appropriately sized board (no matter if it's a bit grungy), and clean up is QUICK! Great stuff!


Katrina said...

My 4 year old Loves rainbows. If she still loves them next year on her bday I am totally stealing your idea!

Frau Nelson said...

So cute!