Thursday, August 20, 2009

Small Successes: the August Edition


"It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that."

Be encouraged by other moms at Faith and Family Live.

I've skipped this exercise for the past two weeks, so there are many days to look at. Hmm... Which of my dozens of success stories are small enough to post here? Kidding, of course--most days have been a mix of success, failure, spinning wheels, and summer slowness. However:
  1. I registered the three youngest for homeschool soccer (our first time) and arranged four of David's (7?) behind-the-wheel sessions.
  2. I've been better than usual at working out playdates and cousin time for the kids.
  3. We moved Lauren into the house she's sharing with three other young women in Richmond. It was a hot, fun day.
That's it for now. Go find some reason to pat yourself on the back, too. :-)

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ViolinMama said...

I'm sorry I'm late reading this. It's been one of those "sick kid" weeks. Thanks for uplifting me with your wonderful words and glimpse into your special family! Blessings!