Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Dog Skip

For us, the best way to get a variety of ages to view a family show is to declare a "movie dinner." Screen time plus food equals success, so last night we ate grilled chicken and watched My Dog Skip (PG, 2000).
The premise (Netflix summary): "Lonely, 9-year-old Willie Morris lives in the flea-bitten town of Yazoo, Miss. He stinks at sports and has no playmates. So, over the strenuous objections of his hardnosed father, Willie's mother buys him a dog that he promptly dubs "Skip." Before you know it, Skip transforms Willie's life: He makes friends, plays sports and develops an unbreakable bond with the spunky terrier. Based on a true story."
The movie looks back on a 1940's boyhood, so culturally it's clean-cut. We (ages 4-14, plus parents) enjoyed the experience. Elements: some typical kid/coming of age moments (silly, mean, heartwarming) as well as some scariness*; sentimental without being sappy. I explained a few references to WWII and segregation.
I recommend this as a family movie. Don't just park the kids in front of it--you'll like it, too!
*Becca was teary during some of these parts. If all your children are young, you may want to wait, but if your young ones have older siblings, they'll probably be fine.

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