Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let Him Serve Cake . . . With a Spoon

My darling birthday man (I can't tease him about his age since I'm older!) asked for one of his four favorite desserts* today: hazelnut cake. He prefers it unadorned--no icing, no whipped cream, no ice cream, nothing.

I baked two cakes so that one could go in the freezer for some other special day. When it was time to flip the layers out of their pans (sandwiched between cooling racks), one slipped, with the cake landing half on the rack, half on the table. Not good!Usually this would make me crazy mad or bring me to tears of frustration, but today will be different. I wrapped up the pretty layer, and we will enjoy birthday cake served in bowls. I know, he likes it straight up, but the raspberries look so pretty! And they are on the side, after all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HONEY!

*And for the uber-curious: the rest of his top three are cheesecake, apple pie, and tres leches cake.

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