Friday, August 14, 2009

Basil Beauty

The backyard garden is growing but is not especially prosperous (a lot of early summer rain, plus an errant vine that sucked the life out of the soil, we think). The herbs up front, however, are enjoying the heat and sun.

The basil on June 28: And on August 12:I haven't made pesto yet (I usually procrastinate until the end of the season) but I've given away leaves and made plenty of tomato salads. We'll put a few plants in pots for Lauren to take to school. And tonight we'll try a recipe contest winner (a finalist, anyway): pasta and tomato with honey mustard sauce. It looks to be quick and tasty. Hurrah!


Mom/Mimi said...

Hi Honey,
I did "something" again and my post for this entry is on the "Explain This" entry. I know you will get is somehow.
Wish I knew how I mix things up and get two comments entered.
It's all a mystery to me.
Love ya,

Anne said...

My basil did not really grow this year....sigh. Enjoy your harvest!! If I lived closer I would 'borrow' a cup or two to make a batch of pesto :).