Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Trip Tips

Well, we got back yesterday after a 12 hour drive (dinner at 8:00!). Today is all about recovery, including laundry, unpacking, a violin lesson, a trip to the orthodontist, and tae kwon do. Maybe I'll throw in a trip to the grocery store, although my mother-in-law had some essentials awaiting our arrival (wonderful woman!). All this while trying to resist the light summer reading I took on vacation but started just the last day or so...

Although I don't think I can string any coherent thoughts together, I do have a few atypical trip-taking tips that might be useful for someone else.
  1. We travel to Saranac in a convoy, driving first to MD to redistribute luggage and cousins between my sister's van and ours. One of our best tools for convoy driving is a set of walkie-talkies. When we're in an area with no cell phone service, the walkie-talkies are invaluable. And, really, they are quicker than dialing and ringing and picking up. At least once a shouted, "This exit! Now!" has saved a delay. Especially if we keep the vehicles in sight of each other, we can negotiate meals, potty breaks, routes, etc. with ease.
  2. For Saranac, with its large crowd, house, and grounds, my school bell is a big help. Its ringing means, "Come!" and we typically use it to summon the family for meals or bedtime prayer.
  3. Since the house is not our own, we bring a small cross to help everyone focus at prayer time.
  4. On the way up, my cooler stays chilled with frozen food. While we're away I rinse some milk jugs and refill them with water to make ice packs for the return journey, when I'll still have a little food to keep cool.
  5. I have a packing list (3 columns, small font) that I print in advance (a week or more) so I can add destination-specific items or tasks as I think of them. I try to keep it in my planner, and I use colored paper to make it easy to find. I know lots of people use lists; the advance printing is what I find most helpful.
We had a wonderful week together. I hope your summer travels are as blessed.


Frau Nelson said...

What a wonderful week, I wish we were all still there. What a lucky girl I am to have such a GREAT (in both senses, LOL) family!

Mary said...

I would love to know what's on your packing list. I need to do the same. I always end up forgeting things.