Monday, July 27, 2009

Me and My House: July 2009

This week at the end of July:
  • Rebecca: special times with Mom. Today we bought wonderful corn and nectarines at Whole Foods. Tomorrow we'll bake her favorite muffins: banana chocolate chip.
  • Marianna: Irish dance camp (1/2 day). She was practically jumping out of her skin with glee when I picked her up today. "It was SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait for tomorrow!"
  • Joseph: a full week of Boy Scout camp (back on Saturday).
  • Daniel: lacrosse camp with kids and coaches from school (full day). Lax is actually a spring sport there, but this is a good chance to work on skills. There will be two 12th grade goalies this year, and Daniel is training as a 9th grader. He'll potentially have a big role the following year.
  • David: driver's ed (online before scheduling behind-the-wheel) and work at the bike shop. He and some friends will be hanging out around a fire pit in the backyard on Wednesday. A fire is legal in our county IF you're cooking over it, just one good reason for marshmallows!
  • Lauren: in Puerto Rico with her college roommate and family. So far she arrived at a much delayed 3:30 a.m., went to a beach with "crystal clear water and sand like velvet", and hiked to a waterfall in the rainforest where she jumped off cliffs into the water surrounded by banana and citrus trees. And that's just the 2 day (of 10) report! I'm looking forward to the pictures.
  • Me: much more mundane than the lives of my children, it seems. I'll be driving to camps and getting some groceries to fill up our vacation-bare fridge. I'm actually looking forward to some school planning time, generously provided by my wonderful husband.
  • Len: working hard, as usual, at home and the clinic. We're going on a date Thursday night; it's great having so many babysitter-level teenagers in the family!

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Mary said...

Welcome Home! I hope August goes as smoothly as July.