Friday, July 31, 2009

Date Night

Yes, we're an old married couple. Date night started with . . . Confession? You know, it's hard to make time for all kinds of maintenance in a busy family, so cleaning our souls was a good use of part of our set-aside time.

Then it was dinner at Bonefish Grill--yum! As good as the food was the conversation, one without logistics (who is driving where when, which child needs a dentist appointment, that sort of thing).

Instead of a restaurant dessert, Len and I bought ice cream and took it to the pond. We ate it there at dusk with a few other park-goers and many residents: geese, a beaver, bats, fireflies, water striders, and frogs.

And last, home to a (relatively) quiet house. We could have played a game, but watched a movie instead.

Re-connecting can only happen when we make time for each other. Spending money (eating out, going to a show) is pleasant enough, but it's the TIME and the company that make a great date. It's a little easier in summer, but the effort is worth it any time of year. Plan some hours for just you and your spouse--put it on your calendar today!


Mom/Mimi said...

I hope you had Bang-bang Shrimp at the Bonefish. Yum, yum. :-)
Love, Mom

Frau Nelson said...

Dave and I joked last night when we went shopping for appliances with Euan that it felt like a date to be out with just one kid... I even "dressed up" (hey, I'll take what I can get, tee hee). :)

Barbara said...

Yes, Mom, we shared the bang-bang shrimp. In fact it was one of the choices for a summer special (thru the end of August) of dinner for two for $38.

Barbara said...

Yes, we've had many dates with little ones along. In fact we've spent several special weekends away with a baby or toddler in tow. It's still a treat to get away (from the rest of the crew and from regular life) for a few hours or more!