Sunday, July 5, 2009


Marianna and a friend found this critter in the front yard. Aren't the fake eye spots impressive (and maybe scary enough to deter a predator)? At this angle (photo below) it's a little easier to see the real head and eyes.
This weird insect was crawling over the newly laid mulch yesterday. It tried to grab a blade of grass or small stick whenever one was put near those claw/jaw/curvy things.Now look at how big it is! That's Joseph's hand there for perspective.I haven't yet done the research to find out exactly what these are. For the moment it's enough to marvel at finding something new (to us) in suburbia.


~ Judy ~ said...

WOW! Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
I can't WAIT to show my kids tomorrow!
Perhaps your kids would like to visit our online nature journal called Backyard Glory :)
Thanks again! We love bugs!

Jo Marie said...

Top - Eyed click beetle

Bottom - Dobson Fly

Cool looking bugs - er, I mean insects. Not all insects are bugs. Most entomologists agree that the true bugs belong mainly to the order Hemiptera.

Yes - we have an entomologist in the house and he never misses the opportunity to identify an insect and provide a lesson on bugs vs. insects.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Jo Marie for the id's. I do know about bugs vs. insects, but went for the more interesting headline. :-)

Judy, your backyard blog is great--I especially love the pictures of the salamanders.