Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What is Materialism?

I tend to congratulate myself for not being materialistic because Len and I don't buy as much "stuff" as many of the people around us--you know, here in one of the richest counties in one of the richest countries in the world. Maybe I'm setting that bar a bit low.

Read Rebecca Teti's words from the latest issue of Faith and Family magazine:

"It's the use to which we put what we have--and how attached our hearts are to it--that makes a thing good or believing or behaving as if the material world is all there is."

(Paraphrasing and reflecting now) What is more important to me: a tidy house, full belly, and efficient schedule, or prayer, mass, and my relationship with God? If the world that lasts longest is the REAL one, then the spiritual realm has this easy-to-see-and-touch one beat, hands down. This material world is full of good and beautiful things, but it's not meant to be my first priority.

Lesson learned? Maybe. At least I've got Lent to work on it...

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