Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Art co-op: fun, done
Soup night: fun, done
Homeschooling: some fun, some just done



Anne said...

Which soups did you make? Rachel made us a cheesy potato soup last night and we all liked it. It is vegetarian and we plan to add it to our "Friday' menu.

Glad that your perfect storm has blown over!


P.S. I can't believe that Len is blogging - and 2 different blogs!!

Barbara said...

I made Italian sausage soup with tortellini (recipe at Come to the Table--it was popular) and egg drop soup (super easy--will post that one soon). I first made sausage soup in our dinner co-op days (SO LONG AGO!).

I'd love to get your potato soup recipe. We all love potatoes and cheese, and I'm trying now to keep Fridays free of even seafood. This week I'm making bean-n-cheese quesadillas.