Friday, January 2, 2009

Then and Now

Growing up, we lived (for five years) an hour and fifteen minutes from my mom's sister and her family, but we only saw our cousins a few times a year. It was always a big production, and usually for an occasion--Christmas, a First Communion, etc. Sometimes we'd spend the night.

As young adults, my sisters and I marveled over that bit of family history. Seventy-five minutes was NOTHING. Driving was NO BIG DEAL. What was with those grown-ups of long ago?

Now I live an hour from one of MY sisters. Visiting is usually a big production which includes multiple calendar negotiations and rush hour planning, plus a sleepover to make the driving "worth it." The cousins get together more than a few times a year only because my sister and I are consciously working to make it so.

The more things change...

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