Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow at Last!

Yesterday we FINALLY got some snow. Only a few inches fell, but it was enough for us to cancel art co-op, eat lunch early, and declare the rest of the day recess.

The snow was a combination of powdery and packable. There are gentle sledding hills on either side of the house, and faster (steeper) ones at the nearby storm pond. Various children tried one or the other or both. Rebecca loved the steep hills--maybe she'll be a roller coaster fiend like Lauren and Daniel.

Joe spent a lot of time playing with Becca, then it was my turn. When I got tired of climbing up the hills, we built a snow mound which David tried to turn into a snow volcano. Then he stayed and played with little girl. She is blessed to have so many older siblings to play with.You think you have problems with your teens? This one CLAIMS he was aiming for my torso, but I don't think I'm buying that one... My avenger? ***********************************
Today schools were closed thanks to ice and freezing rain. I lured folks out of bed with scones and bacon, and we did a little homeschooling. Now everyone's playing. I'll do some more work with Marianna this afternoon, if the forecast rain and warmer temperatures make the outdoors less fun.
Our Japanese maple is a "coral bark" because the bark turns bright red in the winter.
I wish I could show you how much fun Dusty's been having in the snow. He stays around, off-leash, running, rolling, chomping, chasing sleds, etc. Today's crustiness made it more difficult to play (for a dog, anyway), but he still had a lot of fun out there with the gang.

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