Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Holiday Schooling

Local schools were closed yesterday, but not ours! It was not business as usual, though...

It didn't seem like a full day, but as I write it down, it looks more accomplished:
  • 9:00 mass
  • Easy Grammar
  • Daily Grams
  • Math-U-See
  • Calculadder
  • History: watching and discussing the inauguration
  • CCD (a little bit)
  • Science: watching and discussing ("Pause!") an episode of "The Life of Birds"
  • Piano and violin practice
  • 30 minutes of reading (The Silver Chair, Men of Iron)
  • Art: no co-op, so we made collages!
We've had Eric Carle's Klutz book (You Can Make a Collage) for years, but haven't used it lately. I was inspired to play with it again, but the only reason it really happened is that I mentioned it to the children. When I was ready to wimp out, they nudged me to stick with the plan. I'm glad they did--it was fun!Rebecca did almost all the work on Humpty Dumpty--most of the cutting, and all the painting, gluing, and drawing. Marianna is sticking with her garden theme.
Here's a closeup of Joe's snake chasing a mouse.Daniel used some of the liner paper for his sand dunes.

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