Monday, January 5, 2009

The Desk: Continued

  • Day 3: Found the shrinky-dink butterfly ornament Becca made at her birthday November. It's been missing (and missed) ever since.
  • Day 4: Worked for 10, but also moved papers from the island to the desk. Old habits die hard.
  • Day 5: Worked the requisite 10 minutes--I set a timer--not just before bedtime (it's been my last hurrah every night so far), but before dinner!
And what's that in the photo? See that bit of green? It's not mold, it's not spring, it's a little bit of the desk surface poking through! It's still dusty, and the remaining piles are getting harder to deal with, but progress continues.
Yes, I see those boxes underneath. Yes, I'm going to deal with them too.


Mary said...

Keep going Barbara! Don't give up! Your almost there! I see green, lots of green in your future.
I hope you had a wonderful holiday with all of your kids under one roof once again. Blessings to you and your in the coming year.
We need to get together for tea sometime. It would be lovely to catch up.

Frau Nelson said...

Very impressive!