Monday, November 24, 2008

Small World

On weekend mornings, I meet other dogs and their owners on the trails through the woods. Some like to "meet and greet", others need to keep moving. One nice man always stops so his dog and Dusty can play for a few minutes, running, circling, bouncing, and sniffing.

I saw this pair on Saturday and Sunday, and we chatted a bit, mostly about the dogs. On the way home on Sunday we met for the third time this week and I actually introduced myself. Guess what? He's the husband of Joe's violin teacher! Len (the musical one) goes to the lessons, so I'd only seen the dog a few times, and in a very different context.

Now Dusty has been invited to go along for those Thursday morning lessons, to play in the yard with Max. A moment of serendipity for me, and many play dates to come for Dusty. Lucky dog!

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