Sunday, November 9, 2008

Meatless Meals

Because of Jesus' ultimate offering on Good Friday, the Church calls us all to make a concrete sacrifice on Fridays throughout the year. In our home, that usually means no meat.

Joseph has questioned me many times about why we eat no beef, pork, or chicken, but do allow seafood (catfish, tuna, pasta with clam sauce...). The answer lies in tradition with a small "t", but I admit it's not fully satisfying. I'm going to try to let this child lead me.

Now I'm planning Friday meals that are solidly vegetarian. It probably won't be 100% right away, but that's okay. It took a few years early in our marriage to get from meatless Lenten Friday to meatless year-round. I'll still try to make things taste good--soups, Tex-Mex foods (beans and rices), cheese and egg concoctions. (We're not vegans yet!)

This week I tried a new recipe for butternut bisque. As I expected, the reactions were mixed: thumbs up from the adults, thumbs down (way down) from the children. A favorite "fasting" dinner is soup, rustic bread, cheese, and apples, so at least no one went hungry. It did take some of them a while to empty their bowls (only one scoop each!) though.

I'll try something safe this week, before stretching our palates again. :-)

BTW: I followed the recipe pretty closely, but added about a teaspoon of salt.

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Frau Nelson said...

I may have some tips for butternut soup, as I have tried it many ways. Also, the butternut + black bean burritos were a big hit with the whole family. We should talk :)