Friday, October 10, 2008

What Would You Do

if you had four days off?

My marvelous husband is redoing the upstairs hall bathroom. This 15 year old room has never been painted. The yard sale shower curtain is maroon and dark green. The floor (it's the kids' bathroom, after all) is dinged and water damaged.

On the project list:
  • new shower curtain (done)
  • soft yellow paint
  • a hefty new towel bar
  • a cabinet over the toilet
  • a new floor
  • probably something else
Right now everything is out in the hallway. I'm talking the door, the mirror, the medicine cabinet--everything! Len cut two holes in the drywall so he can add wood into the wall for anchoring this towel bar he's making out of a pipe.

I'm hoping to post before and after photos. (But right now I'm teaching school. Right!)