Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Schoolroom Annex

This summer I got inspired. With "just" three students at home (yes, preschool counts!), I wanted to ride bikes to the pond once a week for nature study and to a nearby playground on nice mornings for outdoor school.

Lauren gave me her bike (and bought another for $20 for college) and we found a tow bar (which I love--the subject of another post) so I can pull Rebecca. We've had our first two days of school now, and it looks like this is going to work. Our loose schedule looks like this:
  • 8:00 rosary (a decade with meditation verses)
  • pack backpacks and water, leave for playground
  • work on "together" school--history, science, some religion, maybe spelling
  • mostly recess for Rebecca (she colors during history)
  • bits of play time for Joe and Marianna (between subjects or when I work one on one)
  • 10 or 10:30 leave for home
  • eat snack, make lunch
  • more school? so far we've fiddled away this time
  • 11:45 leave for mass
  • 12:40 home (See why lunch was made ahead? We're HUNGRY!)
  • 1:30 (Ha! I'm already slowing down by now) more school--mostly the individual work: music, math, reading, etc.
  • Today we also had read aloud time (on tape really) while I tidied the kitchen.
  • early or late afternoon (depending): carpool!
It's been great to get out on these beautiful almost fall days. I think we're more focused--I don't get distracted by mess or phone or laundry. The children seem to enjoy the new routine, too. Of course we won't do this all year, but we're off to a nice start.

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