Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Missing Them

Everyone wants to know how I'm doing with Lauren away (pretty well--it helps that she is so happy), but she is not the only one "missing" this year. Daniel is at Trinity School at Meadow View, away from our homeschool for the first time, and that's more noticeable most days. He used to be home for hours and hours every day, while we saw less and less of Lauren as she transitioned through high school and off to college.

Example: Last week I went shopping while Len taught (yes, I know he's wonderful!). There I was at the grocery store when I spied them--poppy seed bagels! The store NEVER has them. There isn't even a label for them, but they are Daniel's favorite kind. I stocked up, gloating, and thought to myself, "Dan will be so excited! Wait until I show him! He can have one for lunch! ...Oh, no he can't...he's at SCHOOL..." It didn't quite make me sad, but it made me realize what a big change this is and that I haven't fully adapted yet.

By the way, Daniel's very happy at Trinity. Middle school soccer practice started a week before school, which helped with joining an established class. Some courses are easy and others less so, but he enjoys both the students and faculty.

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